hi im lucy im 14 and a faggot
despite living in bumfuck peterlee of england, wif da geordies whey-aye man, i completely lack a geordie accent

homestuck and kingdom hearts and fragile dreams and twewy and animal crossing(gc) and monty python are sugoi as fuck
chicken boobs are my favourite boobs
i also like dressing up as a manly man and singing rubber ducky

playstation network id: FiragaFlame
skype: disturbed_cactus


so i just got back from watching some dude carry the olympic torch down the road
jesus shitting christ i didnt know that many people lived in peterlee

there was this police car flashing its lights and sirens as loud as possible
what if someone had epilepsy
the old bastards would probably be like “eee the beins breakdancing :D”

it took for-fucking-ever, but at least i got a fairly good picture of some guy i dont know